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About us

AMMSUN was born from a passion for bringing the best outdoor leisure experience to individuals and families alike. The name "AMMSUN" holds a deep significance, with each letter representing an aspect close to our hearts. "AMM" stands for "Amplitude, Motion, and Momentum," embodying the dynamic energy that propels us forward. The "SUN" signifies the radiant source of inspiration and joy that fuels our commitment to outdoor living. AMMSUN is dedicated to offering a diverse range of top-rated outdoor essentials, aiming to enhance everyone's outdoor experience. Since our inception in 2007 with the introduction of beach umbrellas, we have expanded our exploration into the realms of patio and sports gear. Our commitment is to uncover the delightful aspects of outdoor living together with you. Whether it's a beach umbrella, fringe umbrella, patio umbrella, or more, we are perpetually in pursuit of the aesthetic pleasures of outdoor life. Join us in savoring the freedom of time, as "I am here" relishing the moments by the shore!